Fire Protection Service

Fire Protection Systems that exceeds your expection – Make your safety a priority against fire on your property and business entities

Fire Protection Service

Supply and installation of the following Fire Fighting System

  • Preparing Builder work drawings
  • Preparing Shop drawings
  • Preparing Coordination drawings
  • Preparing construction drawings
  • Installation of Sprinkler Pipes
  • Installation of Zone Control Valve
  • Installation of Wet Riser Pipes
  • Installation of Sprinkler Heads
  • Installation of Breeching Inlets
  • Installation of Fire Extinguisher
  • Installation of Fire Blankets
  • Installation of Fire Hose reel Cabinets
  • Installation of PRVs, Isolation Valve…etc.
  • Installation of Landing Valves & Fire Hose Reels
  • Installation of Suppression System (Clean Agent System,
  • deluge System, Pre – action System… etc.)
  • Installation of Fire Pump Rooms including all networks,
  • valves, accessories, control Panel, Alarm Check Valves,NRVs…
  • Pressure Testing for Fire Fighting Pipes
  • Labelling and Identification
  • Testing and commissioning
  • As Built Drawings

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