Data Center Solutions

We provide different low current system services that meets your organization’s requirements.

Data Center Solutions

Our company partners with EAE Elektrik, a leading and reliable and innovative manufacturer worldwide offering Busbar, Rack Cabinet, Cable Tray and Support Systems to serve the critical Data Center infrastructure with peace of mind. 

Energy Efficiency




Busbar Power Distribution Systems

Busbar Distribution Systems offer a streamlined and efficient solution for managing electrical power distribution within industrial and commercial facilities. With our advanced technology and expertise, we provide reliable and cost-effective solutions that optimize power transmission, reduce energy loss, and enhance overall system performance.

Data Centre MK Busbar

Data Centre CR Busbar

Data Centre MK Busbar

Data Centre KD Data Rack Busbar

Data Centre KD Data Rack Busbar

Rack Cabinet Systems

Rack Cabinet Systems offer a comprehensive solution for organizing and securing network and server equipment in data centers, server rooms, and IT environments. Our systems are designed with versatility and efficiency in mind, providing customizable configurations to accommodate various equipment sizes and requirements.

KabinPlus KD Server & KD Network

KabinPlus KL Colocation

KabinPlus Aisle Containment Solution

Kabin Plus KS Seismic

Cable Tray & Support Systems

Cable Tray & Support Systems provide a robust and reliable solution for organizing and supporting cables in various industrial and commercial applications. Designed for durability and versatility, our systems offer efficient cable management, ensuring optimal organization and protection for electrical wiring, data cables, and communication lines.

Data Centre UMK

Data Centre TLS

Data Center UKFC

Data Center A-A, BR, Seismic